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Ruby Rose has stunned fans with claims that the actress and activist was fired from her former show, Batwoman, for speaking out against the show's producers.

Rose, initially blamed their exit on an injury she suffered on set that left her with two herniated discs in her back. However, in an Instagram story, Rose changed her tune, telling fans she was fired for speaking out about the working conditions on set. 

"To my dear, dear fans still asking if I will return to that awful show, I wouldn't return for any amount of money nor if a gun were to my head," Rose posted in the lengthy story. "…NOR DID I QUIT," she continued.  "Any threats, any bullying tactics or blackmail would not make me stand down."

Rose explained that executives at Warner Bros. forced the star to return to set 10 days after her back injury. The Instagram story showed Rose's MRIs and her getting prepped for surgery.

Rose also claimed that showrunner Caroline Dries pushed the Batwoman cast and crew to keep working during the pandemic, even after other CW shows were shut down.

The John Wick: Chapter 3 veteran also claims a production assistant was left a "quadriplegic" by an on-set accident, and another crew member suffered third-degree burns. "We were given no therapy after watching the skin fall off his face," Rose writes.

She also claimed co-star Dougray Scott "abused women" on set, and in the message -- in which Dries, Berlanti productions and producer Sarah Schecter were tagged -- claimed she will go public about her time on the set. 

"I will come for you so that what happened to me never happens to another person again," Rose said. "And so I can finally take back my life and the truth. Shame on you."

In a statement to Deadline, Warner Bros. refuted Rose's claims, calling it "revisionist history" and saying Rose was not asked back for season two because of "multiple complaints" about her workplace behavior. Dougray Scott also refuted the claims to TVLine, calling them "entirely made up."

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Not even a day after Netflix head Ted Sarandos told Variety he "screwed up" about how he handled the company's controversial Dave Chappelle special The Closer, comes a coordinated protest from trans employees and allies.

The hit special had been called transphobic by some, and even hate speech by others. 

Netflix employees staged a virtual walkout Wednesday, during which organizers declared "participating staffers will not do any work for Netflix and instead engage in content that does support the trans community and donate to charities," according to The Hollywood Reporter

As that happens internally, supporters initially gathered at Netflix's offices on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to have their voices heard, but according to organizer Ashlee Marie Preston, the crowd grew too large at that location and moved to a nearby street. Several stars, including Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, former Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez, and The Good Place's Jameela Jamil supported the protest, in a video introduced by Preston.

Preston also announced that Sarandon will be presented with a "list of demands" from the streaming service. 

According to The Verge, that list of demands from Netflix's Trans Employee Resource Group (ERG) includes " begin to repair the relationship between the Company, our colleagues, and our audience."

Specifically, the ERG wants Netflix, "to adopt measures in the areas of Content Investment, Employee Relations and Safety, and Harm Reduction, all of which are necessary to avoid future instances of platforming transphobia and hate speech, and to account for the harm we have caused."

The Closer, in which Chappelle also railed against "cancel culture," has become a hot potato for the streaming service. Amid the initial outcry, Sarandos defended it and Chappelle, noting freedom of speech and claiming that "content on screen doesn't directly translate to real-world harm."

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Lifetime has tapped an all-star cast for their winter 2022 film lineup.

The network announced they're developing three new thrillers for next year's holiday season. Those films include Single Black Female starring Raven Goodwin and Amber Riley as new best friends dealing with dark secrets; Line Sisters, a sorority sister drama headlined by LeToya Luckett and Kierra Sheard-Kelly; and Vanished: Searching for My Sister, which features Tatyana Ali in a dual role of twin sisters. Official release dates for the films have yet to be announced.

In other news, Amanda Lipitz, the award-winning director behind 2017's Step, a documentary about a high school step team in inner-city Baltimore, has released a new documentary called Found. The feature follows three adopted American teenage girls who discover that they're blood-related cousins and travel back to China together in search of answers. This is a personal story for Lipitz, who is aunt of one of the three adopted girls, Chloe Lipitz. Found is now available to stream on Netflix.

Finally, Paramount+ has released the official trailer to their upcoming The Game reboot. As previously noted, the 10-episode series will now take place in Las Vegas and will star many of the original cast members in their original roles. This includes Wendy Raquel Robinson as sports agent Tasha Mack, Hosea Chanchez as former star quarterback Malik Wright, and Pooch Hall as former footballer Derwin Davis. The new series is said to center on a "modern-day examination of Black culture through the prism of pro football." Executive-produced by Mara Brock Akil, The Game launches on Paramount+ Thursday, November 11.

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A new installment of the third season of the hit competition series Tough As Nails unfolds on CBS tonight. The show highlights "real-world heroes" who keep the country moving: from firefighters to package delivery people, and every job in between. 

For host Phil Keoghan [KO-gan], he and the other producers say the series' casts -- both past and present -- keep things interesting for the third go 'round. 

"The freshness comes from the new people, and then it also comes from the new challenges," Keoghan says.

"What's really good now is that a lot of our past contestants are making suggestions about things that we should do on the show," Keoghan continues. "So you're going to see that a lot more...especially once we get through the pandemic and it's easier for us to make the show."

Keoghan adds, "You're going to see a lot more of our cast making guest appearances and showing their jobs, often setting the challenges for our cast. That happens on season three. You'll see some familiar faces pop up and you're going to see them offer up some jobs that are tough in their space and their world."

Tough As Nails is also streaming on Paramount+.

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Ken Jeong has starred in the blockbuster movies like The Hangover, had his own sitcom, Dr. Ken, and been a part of beloved TV shows like Community. But he's also famous for being famously bad as a judge on The Masked Singer

The Nick Cannon-hosted hit has Ken, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke trying to figure out whose pipes are piping out of a collection of crazy mascot-like costumes -- and bad guesses turn out to be just as fun as the reveals.

Jeong, who pursued a dream of acting after years of being a physician, explained to ABC Audio that his gig on the show is all about having a good time.

"Personally, I've achieved everything I want to achieve, and then some, and I feel like the rest of my life is just trying to have fun...for the rest of my days," he admits.

"Like if you watch me on The Masked Singer... I literally just have fun being bad at that game, you know?" he says with a laugh. "And so I think if the public now just senses that I'm just trying to have a good time, you know, all the time, I think that's I think that's part of connection. I think that's part of entertainment." 

You can check out Ken doing what he does worst, and loving it, when The Masked Singer airs tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on Fox.

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If you're still in the hunt for a Halloween costume, Florence Pugh has an idea for you: go as her Black Widow character, Yelena. 

On Tuesday, the actress took to Instagram to made a case for why people should dress up as the on-screen spy and assassin. The reason is actually really simple -- because the vest has pockets, "a lot of handy pockets." 

Standing in front of a display window that featured costumes from  Scarlett Johansson and David Harbour's Black Widow characters, Pugh wrote, "What the..Apparently Yelena didn't make the cut."


May I remind you that the vest has A LOT OF HANDY POCKETS," Pugh continued. "Costume+vest+POCKETS= someone who came prepared."

"IT IS with great importance we understand how vital Yelena is for Halloween," Pugh concluded, before adding, "Rant over, thanks for listening."

So, what are you waiting for? After all, all that candy has to go somewhere. 

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Mila Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher are open books about how they raise their children.  Controversial bathing habits aside, the actress revealed that she doesn't always see eye-to-eye with her husband when it comes to parenting.

Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' Mom Confessions, Kunis opened up about the time Kutcher called her out over some not-so-great advice she had for their now-seven-year-old daughter, Wyatt.

"There was a little kid in my kid's preschool that wasn't very kind and pushed my daughter," the Bad Moms star recalled, adding that Wyatt tattled on her troublesome schoolmate when she got home.

"I instinctually said, 'Did you push her back?' And my daughter's like, 'No!' And I was like, 'Push her back next time. You push her back and you say, 'No, thank you,' and you walk away," Kunis continued before revealing how her husband reacted to the pep talk.

"I turn around and I see Ashton's face and he was like, 'Noooo!,'" she explained while mimicking her husband's panicked expression.  

"I was like, 'Don't push him off a ladder, or off of a swing, or off of a slide, but on the ground, even Steven, you push him back,'" the actress reasoned, but admits she eventually saw the error of her ways and admitted that was a "parenting fail" over how to teach a child to stand up for themselves.

When it came to the advice she had for her fellow parents, Kunis deadpanned, "Kids are like little terrorists.  Don't negotiate with them. It'll go nowhere."

She also warned not to "lie to your kids" because, in turn, it might accidentally convey that it's okay to be dishonest.  However, she gave her blessing when it comes to the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

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Alyssa Milano isn't afraid to get in a little trouble in the name of justice. 

The actress and activist attended a protest in Lafayette Square in front of the White House on Tuesday that was aimed at getting President Joe Biden and Congress to pass voting rights legislation and abolish the filibuster. However, while exercising her right, she was arrested. 

"I've never been arrested; today is my first time," Milano told ABC News. "I felt like this was a really worthy issue to be arrested for. They are systematically stripping away people's rights to vote, and we sent Joe Biden to the White House to fulfill a promise of voting rights, and the time to act is now."  

The Charmed alum added that when it came to this issue specifically, she was willing to be arrested "because voting is the bedrock of our democracy, and if we start suppressing the vote, more so than it already is, I'm really fearful for what's going to happen for this country, and marginalized — and the most vulnerable."

Milano, along with over 20 other protestors, were arrested by police after ignoring three warnings to move away from the fence in front of the White House.

The protest, which was coordinated by the League of Women Voters, People For the American Way, and Declaration for American Democracy, came a day before Wednesday's vote in the Senate on the Freedom to Vote Act, which is expected to be blocked by Senate Republicans.


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Gwyneth Paltrow has reached the stage of parenthood where she has to go beyond talking about the birds and the bees with her teenage children.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Oscar-winner opened up about how she broaches the subjects of healthy relationships and safe sex with 17-year-old Apple and 15-year-old Moses, whom she shares with ex-husband Chris Martin.

"I try always to be neutral on the topic," Paltrow, 49, explained, adding that opinions about sex have softened since her parents sat her down for "the talk." 

"I think my generation, we got a lot of messages around sex that made us feel bad about it," she reflected. "I try to just be curious, and teenagers are never going to want to talk to their parents about sex, ever.  I sort of follow their lead and luckily, in middle school they had a very thorough sex education, so the school handled the kind of birds and the bees parts. Then I am there for any questions, but the questions are pretty minimal."

Paltrow said the advice she stresses to her children is to "stay close to your own truth" and not feel pressured into doing something that makes them uncomfortable.

"When you are in a relationship and you are not being your full self, you are sublimating things or you are white knuckling through something, and I think it can be pretty damaging to how you feel about yourself," Paltrow explained. "I will always just encourage my children to really listen to themselves, listen to their instincts, listen if something feels right, and to act from that place."


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Fans will have to wait even longer to welcome Wendy Williams back to her purple chair.

On Tuesday, the Wendy Williams Show official Instagram announced two new guests hosts will hold down the fort through the first week of November.

Comedian and writer Whitney Cummings will take over from October 25 to the 29 and, after that, former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd will host through November 5.

"Nobody can ever replace Wendy but we will do what we can to fill in so she can come back stronger than ever," wrote Cummings in the Instagram announcement comments. "She's gone so hard for so long and as much as I miss seeing her every day, just imagine how hilarious she’s gonna be after some time to take care of herself and have some quiet time to think!"

Williams was originally expected to return on September 20 to kick off the premiere of the show's 13th season, but that return was pushed back several times due to her continued health issues, including testing positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19.

The show returned October 18 with Leah Remini as its first guest host, and it was also announced that Williams is "making progress but experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves' Disease and her thyroid condition. It has been determined that more time is needed before she is able to return to her live hosting duties."

Mayo Clinic defines Graves' disease as a disorder of the immune system that is a common cause of hyperthyroidism, or an overproduction of thyroid hormones. Side effects attributed to the illness are anxiety, hand tremors, palpitations, fatigue and other disruptive symptoms.


A post shared by Wendy Williams (@wendyshow)


A post shared by Wendy Williams (@wendyshow)

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The Bachelorette's 18th season kicked off on Tuesday with Michelle Young, a 28-year-old elementary school teacher, ready to find her "soulmate."  

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams returned for their second season as hosts and, before sparks could fly, they paid a surprise visit to the guys to see if they were "up to Michelle's standards."

Most of the men passed their test, except for Ryan, an environmental consultant from California.  The hosts found a Bachelorette cheat sheet in his room, which detailed everything from how to get more screen time to knowing which cast members to emulate so he could get ahead in the competition.

The plan almost worked, too, with Michelle falling for his pitch. Thankfully, Kaitlyn and Tayshia pulled her aside and exposed Ryan's game plan.

Snapping into teacher mode, Michelle escorted Ryan to his room and made him turn over his notes. After reading his incriminating list, she gave Ryan a failing grade and expelled him.

Also being sent home on night one was Brandon K., a brand manager from Austin; Bryan, an NFL player from Chicago; Garrett, a tech CEO from Salt Lake City; Edward, a wellness coach from Los Angeles; Jack, a former Army officer from Philadelphia; and JoMarri, a personal trainer from Fresno, California.

As for the lucky suitor who earned the first impression rose, the honor went to Nayte, a sales executive from Austin.  He connected with Michelle when he immediately opened up to her about coming from a broken home and said his dream is to one day offer his kids the childhood he never had.

Here are the other men remaining after the first rose ceremony:

Alec, 29, an engineer from North Charleston, S.C.
Brandon J., 26, a traveling nurse recruiter from Portland, Ore.
Casey, 36, an advertising creative director from Miami Beach, Fla.
Chris G., 28, a motivational speaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Chris S., 28, a commodities broker from West Hollywood, Calif.
Clayton, 28, a medical sales rep from Columbia, Mo.
Daniel, 26, a firefighter from Austin, Texas
Jamie, 32, a biotech CEO from San Diego, Calif.
Joe, 28, a real estate developer from Minneapolis, Minn.
Leroy, 27, a biomedical Ph.D. student from Dallas, Texas
LT, 38, a yoga guru from Bellevue, Wash.
Martin, 29, a personal trainer from Miami, Fla.
Mollique, 36, an academic administrator from San Diego, Calif.
Nayte, 27, a sales executive from Austin, Texas
Olu, 27, an IT analyst from Newark, N.J.
Pardeep, 30, a neuroscientist from Brooklyn, N.Y.
Peter, 26, a pizzapreneur from Port St. Joe, Fla.
PJ, 30, a firefighter from Houston, Texas
Rick, 32, a medical sales rep from Los Angeles, Calif.
Rodney, 29, a sales rep from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
Romeo, 32, a mathematician from New York City, N.Y.
Spencer, 25, a financial crimes analyst from Cleveland, Ohio
Will, 28, an academic interventionist from Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Superheroes are usually hard to damage, but while Jason Momoa is certainly no weakling, he's no superhero. That's what he told Ellen Degeneres in a remote interview from London, as he detailed a series of injuries he sustained playing the King of Atlantis in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

"I'm getting old, that's what's happening," the 42-year-old star said with a laugh on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I messed up my eyes. I just got something in it that kind of cut it up," the actor with the comic-book physique admitted, adding, "I've got to get surgery, I have a hernia, I've got ribs out. I'm just getting beat up."

Momoa then explained, "I love my job and I get a little too excited, then the age thing, you know...I'm an aging superhero right now."

That said, he told Ellen's audience that all his dings were worth it. "It's gonna be a great movie, you're gonna love it," he enthused. 

Jason also told Ellen that while he's in London shooting the 2022 film, as always, he's traveling with two stuffed animals -- Piggy Big Spirit and Potato.

Momoa explained that they're his companions whenever he's without his kids with wife Lisa Bonet -- 14-year-old Lola Iolani Momoa, and 12-year-old Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

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Blair Underwood has joined his next major project.

According to Variety, Underwood, along with Lola Kirke, have been added to the cast of Showtime's Three Women. They join DeWanda Wise, Shailene Woodley, Betty Gilpin and Ravi Patel, who were previously announced. Based on Lisa Taddeo's book of the same name, the series centers on "three women completely overturning their lives." Underwood will play Richard, a well-known chef who is "blindsided when his wife enters a sexual relationship with another man." A release date has yet to be set for Three Women.

In other news, Netflix has rounded out the cast for the George C. Wolfe-directed film Rustin. Deadline has learned that Aml Ameen, CCH Pounder, Michael Potts, Bill Irwin, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Gus Halper, Johnny Ramey, Carra Patterson and Adrienne Warren have all been added to the upcoming feature. They join Colman Domingo, Chris Rock, Glynn Turman and Audra McDonald, who were previously announced. The film follows Domingo as Bayard Rustin, a gay civil-rights activist who "overcame an onslaught of obstacles, and altered the course of American history by organizing the 1963 March on Washington." A release date for Rustin has not been scheduled.

Finally, ABFF Ventures has announced that the 2021 American Black Film Festival will open its milestone 25th year with Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated film King Richard. As previously noted, the film follows Will Smith as Richard Williams, the ambitious father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Unlike previous years, ABFF will be available as a worldwide digital experience from November 3 to November 28 via its online platform ABFF PLAY. King Richard will be available by special invitation to a limited audience. To register for ABFF, visit

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) While most movie fans would instantly recognize the murderous Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, they might not know that iconic blank face actually belongs to another icon: William Shatner

For the record, Shatner knows about it and he's still not pleased. In a recent interview with YouTube entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton, Shatner explained, "I thought, 'Is that a joke? Are they kidding?'" when he was first heard his face was borrowed.

"I recognized it as the death mask they had made for me," Shatner explained. "They made a mask of my face on Star Trek out of clay so I would not have to be available for the prosthetics they would have to put on my face...So somewhere along the line, someone got that mask and made a mask for Halloween [the holiday]."

Decades ago, that mask was grabbed off the shelf by Halloween's production designer and editor Tommy Lee Wallace for the 1978 horror classic when director John Carpenter needed a scary baddie. According to Netflix's The Movies That Made Us, which takes a deep dive Halloween, the choices were a "sad sack" clown mask, or Captain Kirk. 

Carpenter went with Kirk. But there's a "but."

Wallace explained in Movies That Made Us that he shaved the mask's triangular Trek sideburns, cut its eyeholes wider, darkened its blonde hair, and painted it "appliance white" to result in its trademark deathly pallor.

"As soon as the second mask came out of the dressing room, we're all, 'Oh, f*** me!" Wallace said of his handiwork. "We knew we had a movie." 

David Gordon Green, who directed Halloween's 2018 reboot, tells Movies the resulting mask "is just pure evil."

Halloween Kills, the latest franchise installment, is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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Will Matthew McConaughey be the next one to suit up and save Gotham City?

In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe during the Advertising Week New York event, the actor addressed the rumors that he's about to become the next Batman. 

"I am?" he said, surprised. "First I've heard of it, but it happens this way sometimes!" 

If McConaughey  truly is the next Caped Crusader, he would follow in the footsteps of George ClooneyMichael KeatonChristian BaleBen Affleck and, most recently, Robert Pattinson.

While McConaughey's status as a superhero remains unknown, one thing you probably won't see The Wolf of Wall Street alum doing is running for the governor of Texas. 

Earlier this month on the New York TimesSway podcast, when asked about his potential political bid, the 51-year-old hinted he won't be on the ballot, responding, "Is politics an embassy for me to be of the most use to myself, to my family, to the most amount of people in my life moving forward?"  The implied answer, was no.


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