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The Guess Who co-founder takes extreme measure to stop what he calls "fake" version of the band

Burton Cummings/ Credit: Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)

The battle over who owns the rights to The Guess Who's name and music has taken a sudden and extreme turn. 

The founding members of the band, Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman, sued original members Jim Kale and Garry Peterson in October, accusing them of misleading fans into thinking the founding members are part of the current lineup that's on tour. Peterson is the only original member still touring with the group under the name The Guess Who.

According to Rolling Stone, in an effort to put an end to Kale and Peterson’s version of The Guess Who, Cummings — who wrote the band’s classic hits like “American Woman” and “These Eyes” and owns the publishing for them — has canceled the performing rights agreements for the songs. That means no band, including the current incarnation of The Guess Who, is allowed to play those songs live.

Here's how it works: By canceling those agreements, concert venues can no longer host any acts who are performing Cummings' songs. If they do, Cummings’ publishing company could sue them. The move has already resulted in several The Guess Who concerts in Florida being canceled.

But the move will likely wind up costing Cummings money, too, because it will prevent him from collecting royalties when the songs — or any covers of those songs — are played on radio, TV shows and more.

“I’m willing to do anything to stop the fake band; they’re taking [Bachman and my] life story and pretending it’s theirs,” Cummings tells Rolling Stone. “Yes, I’m going to lose some money, but we’re going to find out what’s worth what. I will not have this fake band going on any longer."

He adds, “I’m going to lose some money, but ... the name is worthless without those songs.”

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Joe Elliott defends Def Leppard against accusations of using backing tracks

Don Arnold/WireImage

Joe Elliott wants fans to know that what they see at a Def Leppard concert is all live.

“You want people to hear it and go, 'My God, they’re tight,' but you can tell there’s a difference between the live and the record,” he tells Stereogum in a new interview.

While Elliott said he doesn’t “normally comment on this kind of stuff,” he wanted to set the record straight after W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes and Testament’s Chuck Willy had claimed the band used backing tracks in concert. 

“I’m flattered because their standards must be very different to ours,” Elliott says. “For anybody that thinks we use backing tracks, it must mean that when they hear us, they can’t believe how good it is for real.”

He adds, “The fact is that if you rehearse the way we do and you’re as talented as the band are as musicians, then maybe you would believe it. I’d be happy to invite any of those guys to come stand side stage with a pair of headphones on so they could actually hear what’s coming out of the stage.”

Elliott does acknowledge the use some effects, like keyboards and drum loops, the latter of which he says is used by “thousands of other drummers to enhance a sound.” 

“But backing tracks or playing along to a backing track — we’ve never done that, never,” he insists. “We’ve never mimed to the vocals, or we’ve never had multiples of stuff on tape. It’s literally live.”

Finally Elliott notes, “So, sorry Chuck and Chris Holmes, but you’ve got that one completely wrong. But thanks for thinking that we need them. We don’t. We’re that good.”

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Queen’s Brian May to make guest appearance with Jean-Michel Jarre at STARMUS Festival concert

Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

Queen’s Brian May is set to join French new age performer Jean-Michel Jarre for a special concert to kick off this year’s STARMUS Festival.

The one-off show, Bridge from the Future, will take place May 12 at Incheba Bratislava, Slovakia, under the backdrop of the SNP (UFO) Bridge. The concert is free to attend and will also stream on Jarre’s YouTube channel.

The concert will kick off the seventh edition of STARMUS Festival, which is described as “the globe’s preeminent gathering uniting science, art, and music." May, who in addition to a being a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is an astrophysicist, is one of the co-founders of the festival, along with astrophysicist Garik Israelian.

“We’re thrilled that STARMUS VII will kick off with such a unique and spectacular show,” May shares. “And in this concert, Jean-Michel Jarre will set the tone for the spirit of this conference, specifically aimed towards addressing our planet's current problems.”

The STARMUS Festival will take place May 12-17. More info can be found at

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Billy Idol planning to release new album later this year

Medios y Media/Getty Images

While Billy Idol is getting ready to release a 40th anniversary deluxe expanded edition of Rebel Yell on April 26, it seems when it comes to music he isn't stuck in the past.

In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Idol revealed he has a new album coming out later this year, which will be his first in almost a decade; his last album was 2014’s Kings & Queens of the Underground.

“We don’t just do old stuff. We’ve got an album coming out in October, which I think is going to be a kicka** record,” he shares. “I really enjoyed making that. So we’re just as fired up about what we’re doing today as we ever were, and I can see the same on the faces in the audience.”

Idol will kick off a set of U.S. dates on May 3 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and will launch a Canadian tour on July 30 in Vancouver. When asked if this will be the end of his touring career, Idol shut down the thought.

“No, of course not. Not right now and hopefully, I never stop,” he said. “I’m just thinking I’ll rock til I drop. That’s kind of my ethos.” 

A complete list of Billy Idol tour dates can be found at

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Jethro Tull’s first live album, 'Bursting Out', getting expanded reissue


Jethro Tull’s first live album, Bursting Out, is getting reissued with a whole host of extras for fans. 

Originally released in September 1978 as a double album, Bursting Out was recorded during the band’s Heavy Horses European tour, featuring performances from shows that took place in May and June of that year.

The reissue, Bursting Out (The Inflated Edition), will be released as an expanded three-CD/three-DVD set, remixed by Steven Wilson. It will feature previously unreleased performances, a CD of an edited version of a 1978 Madison Square Garden show, previously released in 2009, and a DVD of the full MSG show, with over 50 minutes of video that was previously broadcast on the BBC and Radio 1.

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson says the album "serves as a fine testimony for the many wonderful shows we did in the 70s before general touring fatigue and burn-out began a year or so later,” adding, “Enjoy vintage Tull at its '70s best!"

Bursting Out (The Inflated Edition) will be released June 21. It is available for preorder now.

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Crowded House announces North American tour; drops new 'Gravity Stairs' single


Crowded House is getting ready to hit the road in support of their upcoming album, Gravity Stairs, which will be released next month. 

The band just announced dates for the 15-city North American Gravity Stairs tour, set to kick off August 29 in St Augustine, Florida, and wrap September 28 in Paso Robles, California.  

Tickets go on sale to the Crowded House fan club starting Friday, April 12, at 10 a.m., with the general public getting a crack at them starting Friday, April 19, at 10 a.m. A complete list of dates can be found at 

In conjunction with the tour announcement, the band has shared the second single off Gravity Stairs, the track “Teenage Summer.” 

“My grandson Manaia told me ‘Teenage Summer’ was one of his favorite songs,” frontman Neil Finn shared. “He’d identified the peak moment in the song and a light went on. It’s that simple, the children must be heard.”

You can listen to “Teenage Summer” now via digital outlets and watch the video on YouTube.

Gravity Stairs, Crowded House’s eighth studio album and the first since 2021’s Dreamers Are Waiting, will be released May 31. It is available for preorder now.


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Paul Simon performs “Graceland” at White House State Dinner

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Paul Simon was the musical entertainment at the White House State Dinner for Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Yuko Kishida, hosted by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden on Wednesday.

Video posted to social media shows Simon performing an acoustic version of his Grammy-winning song “Graceland” at the event, which former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Robert De Niro, Apple CEO Tim Cook and more attended.

Simon revealed last May that he had lost hearing in his left ear, making it difficult to play, although things have now changed. Just last month, he revealed that his hearing had returned enough to make him feel comfortable enough to sing and play guitar again.

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Jon Bon Jovi recalls first paid recording job on the 'Star Wars Christmas Album'


Jon Bon Jovi's first hit was "Runaway," but as many fans know, his first paid job as a singer was on Christmas in the StarsStar Wars Christmas Album. He discussed the latter on April 10 during his appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jon was working as a gofer at the studio where the Star Wars Christmas Album was being made. The man in charge of the album needed a young-sounding guy to sing on a track called "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and tapped Jon for the job.

"He says, 'Young boy, can you sing?' And I said, 'Yeah, I think I can,'" Jon remembered. "He says, 'Go in there and if you wanna do this, it pays 183 dollars.'"

Jimmy then played a clip of the song, to which Jon smiled and even sang along.

"Legend!" Jon joked. 

Speaking of that, Bon Jovi's new album, Legendary, is coming out in June. The band's documentary begins streaming April 26 on Hulu.


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Adam Levine calls Mick Jagger’s “Moves Like Jagger” video surreal

ABC/ Craig Sjodin

Last month, Mick Jagger posted a video of him dancing to a band playing Maroon 5’s hit “Moves Like Jagger,” and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine still can’t believe it. 

“It’s really surreal,” Levine shared during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. “It’s just one of those things you’re like, ‘Oh my, like how is this possible. What is happening. It’s bizarre.’” 

Jagger posted the video with the caption, “Moves like who!” and Maroon 5 shared their approval on Instagram with an animated "GOAT" — "Greatest of All Time" — graphic. 

Levine said that while folks probably think tons of people sent him the video after Jagger posted it, that just wasn’t the case.

“I think it was one of those like everyone thought everyone had already sent it to me thing,” Levine shared, noting he only got it from a few people. “My mom and like one of my friends sent me the video. I was shocked not more people sent it to me.”

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On This Day, April 11, 1981: Eddie Van Halen married Valerie Bertinelli

On This Day, April 11, 1981 …

Eddie Van Halen married One Day at a Time actress Valerie Bertinelli eight months after meeting her at a concert in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

They welcomed their first and only child, Wolfgang, in 1991, but the marriage didn't last, and Bertinelli filed for divorce in 2005. Despite the end of their marriage, the pair remained close over the years. In fact, Bertinelli and Van Halen's second wife were both at his side when he died on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65.

As for Wolfgang, he went on to follow in his father’s footsteps. He performed with his dad in Van Halen from 2006 to 2020 and also fronts his own project, Mammoth WVH, which released their sophomore album, Mammoth II, in 2023.

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Ahead of all-star tribute concert, Sheryl Crow remembers Jimmy Buffett as a "great man"

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Sheryl Crow is just one of the big names performing at Keep The Party Going: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett, a concert in honor of the late singer taking place April 11 at the Hollywood Bowl. Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, the Eagles and Jackson Browne are also on the bill. Sheryl says she and Buffett met even before she was famous: He hired her to sing backup vocals on a project after her two-year stint on the road singing backing vocals for the King of Pop.

"I was blessed enough to get to spend some really good quality time with him," she tells ABC Audio. "Actually, it's interesting — he was my first recording session after I came home from the Michael Jackson tour, and I flew down because the band I used to sing with in St. Louis became [Buffett's] Coral Reefer [Band] — and that was in 1989."

Sheryl says she loved Buffett because of the way he approached his career.

"He emulates exactly how I wish I could be, which is just so in the joyful moment of making music," she says. "Y'know, sometimes we get so in our analytical head and decide if something is good or bad, or if we've delivered ... and he was not that."

"He was somebody who was there for the fans, and loved what he did and was just a great man." 

Other artists on the bill include Jack Johnson, country stars Kenny Chesney, Eric Church and Zac Brown, and Pitbull.

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Billy Idol shares secrets behind the making of the “Rebel Yell” video


Billy Idol's single “Rebel Yell" was a huge hit for him, thanks to its video being in heavy rotation on MTV, and that was exactly what he was hoping for when he shot the clip. 

In a new video posted to social media, Idol gives fans some behind-the-scenes info on the making of the video, and what he and his team hoped it would do for his career.  

“We deliberately did a live performance video ... we wanted to show the people in America and around the world what a Billy Idol concert was like,” he shared. “We wanted to show the excitement we had for the music but also the excitement the fans had for discovering me in America solo.”

Idol says his manager at the time knew MTV was about to launch with videos playing 24 hours a day, noting his manager “knew I’d be perfect for it.” 

“We knew this was going to give us a platform that was going to break the new music we were making, because there was kind of a holdout against the new music from the people from the '60s and the '70s that really didn’t want things to change," he says.

He added, “We were going to show them ... we’re showing these old people, F-off.”

Idol also just shared video of a 2023 live performance of the song, the title track of his multi-Platinum 1983 album, which also featured "Eyes Without A Face" and “Flesh for Fantasy.”

Idol's set to release a 40th anniversary deluxe expanded edition of Rebel Yell on April 26. It will include the original album, and an album of previously unreleased songs and demos. It is available for preorder now.

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America co-founder Gerry Beckley debuts second single from upcoming self-titled release

Blue Élan Records

America co-founder Gerry Beckley is giving fans another preview of his upcoming self-titled solo album. 

The artist has just shared the song “Well Worn Shoes,” the second track he’s released from the record, following the debut single, “Crazy.”

Beckley calls the tune “probably the closest I’ve ever come to something autobiographical,” with the lyrics reflecting Beckley’s struggle being away from his family while on tour.

You can listen to “Well Worn Shoes” via digital outlets and on YouTube.

Gerry Beckley, due out June 28, is Beckley’s 10th studio album.

"I'm proud of all (the albums)," he says. "But I really like this album a lot. I think the sum of all the parts is really great. And I can't wait to do more."

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The Rolling Stones announce Gary Clark Jr. as opener for first show on US tour

Courtesy of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have announced Gary Clark Jr. as the opener for the first show of their upcoming U.S. tour.

The show takes place April 28 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Clark is originally from Austin, Texas.

Following the Houston date, the Stones will play New Orleans Jazz Fest in May, followed by U.S. stadium performances throughout May, June and July. They'll be supporting their new album, Hackney Diamonds, which was released in October and marked their first collection of original material in nearly 20 years.

Clark, meanwhile, put out a new record, JPEG RAW, in March. He'll launch his own U.S. tour in May.

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Jon Bon Jovi says he and Richie Sambora watched episodes of their Hulu documentary together

Disney Picture Group

While fans may think that Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora are permanently estranged, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Ahead of the April 26 streaming debut of their documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Jon told Entertainment Tonight that he and Sambora watched the first three episodes of the documentary together. He said it was the first time he saw Sambora — albeit onscreen — apologize for leaving the band in 2013.

"It was never about money, it was never about a girlfriend. He had issues ... and he literally didn't show up. We were playing for 20,000 people and there's a black hole on the stage," Jon told ET about Sambora's departure. 

"Substance abuse or anxieties or single parenting, all those things weighed on him, losing his dad. These were all very hard things," Jon continued. "But in fairness, why would I take away the livelihoods of ... the band...? [What about] ... the millions of people that bought a ticket? What am I going to do? Shut it down because you don't want to go to rehab?"

However, Jon said that in the past 10 years he and Richie have been able to heal their relationship. As Jon told ET, "You read, you talk to professionals, you sit with yourself, you learn to understand from a different perspective that his choices weren't made out of animosity either."

Bon Jovi's new album, Forever, is coming out June 7, but Jon says he won't tour until his voice is 100% back following the vocal surgery he had in 2022.

As he put it, "I won't compromise who we are as a band live, because I'd like to think we're a pretty darn good band."

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